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Systems Engineering Services

“Stealthy behind the scenes support to help you succeed”


SPECTRE™   Systems Engineering Services:

·     Custom systems & Replacement systems

·     Specification, Design, Integration, Prototype and Modification

·     Installation integration

·     Trials, test and evaluation support

·     Market research and cost analysis

·     Proposal preparation assistance

·     Acquisition management

·     Purchasing


System engineering: Hardware installation integration. Kitting. Phased upgrade. Logistics. Process improvement. Design reuse and alternate use. Cross-industry alternate use.


Marine and naval system engineering: design, estimating, purchasing and marketing. Ship, yacht and boat installed systems. Power distribution, cabling, harnesses and wiring. Auxiliary systems.


Boat and yacht building: Yard and shop operations. New construction and overhaul. Custom and semi-custom. Composite and aluminum. Customer satisfaction. Reduce customer anxiety. Sales support and custom quote systems. Material cost estimating. Sourcing. Hand, board and computer drawing. Mockups. Pre outfitted modules. Prefabrication. Cable ways and harnesses. Design to cost. Trade studies. Weight control. Security and access control. On site (off yard) repair, upgrade and maintenance. Mobile shop. Modular containerized office residence.


Advanced marine design: Fun boats. Recreational boat designs for 3 and 4 season use. Open water mini yacht. Solo open water fishing machine. Sport cruiser and cuddy cabin. Hobby cruiser and cuddy cabin. Personal after work dinner cruiser. Large center console open deck and cuddy cabin. SCUBA support. Power cat wave jumper. Mono hull wave piercer. High speed luxury catamaran yacht. Deep draft power yacht. Crow's nest sport and fish boat. Night and reduced visibility safety, navigation and collision avoidance. Large hub un-ducted propeller. Hubless screw propulsor. Retractoblade TM surface piercing propeller. External fairings. Flexible cable power transmission. Dedicated propulsion. Active and passive fluid coolers. Snorkel inlet and exhaust. Turbo enhanced exhaust. Amidships water jet propulsor. Speed brake. Shock isolation. Rack and drawer mounting. Adjustable interior. Sound reduction. Service mooring buoy. Integrated trailer. Trailer shore power. Rigid removable travel covers.


Business licenses: Titusville (Brevard County) Florida 08-00005881 & Florida State 15-8013955481

Veteran Owned Small Business. SIC Codes 8748 & 7389. CAGE 4Y9G6. D-U-N-S. CCR

SPECTRE™  strives to improve schedule, cost, quality or craftsmanship with each task completion or delivery

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